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Tips for Choosing a Quality Printer for Printing Documents

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Convert Drivers – Regarding computer peripherals, we are certainly familiar with document printing, called printers. A printer is a supporting device used to print documents from digital data to physical ones via paper media.

Printers are frequently used, especially in the business and educational sectors. Until now, printers not only have the technology to print, but there is a technology that is increasingly being updated, so printers look and can even be connected to smartphones without using a computer.

We know of many printer choices, such as Epson, HP, Canon, and so on. If you are still confused about choosing a printer that suits your needs, then you can see the article below regarding the best printer brands and tips for choosing a good printer.

Selecting a Good Printer

For printer quality in printing documents, the printer must be able to print text documents to color images. Then, so that the resulting prints are perfect in accordance with the digital version, the products are specifically designed for printing functions based on the type of document. The following are tips and ways to choose a good printer.

1. Inkjet printer for printing images and photos

If you only need a printer to print photos and images of good quality, then you can choose an inkjet printer. Inkjet printers are smaller, so you don’t have to provide a lot of space to place them.

Inkjet printers have the capability to print photos and images with fine quality and sharp color results. This type of printer is also cheaper compared to other types of printers.

However, operational costs can be high because you use it to print images and photos in large quantities. This is, of course, because if you want to print images or photos in large quantities, you will definitely need a larger amount of ink.

2. Laser printer to print text documents faster and more

If an inkjet printer can print images or photos sharper than a regular printer, then this type of printer can print text documents with tens or even hundreds of pages more quickly.

Print documents very quickly. This laser printer’s price is also more affordable. Even though it can print black and white documents faster, laser printers can also be set to a color method for printing images, but the results are not as good as compared to inkjet printers.

3. Printers based on their function

Apart from the types of printers being divided into two different types, you also need to pay attention to the main function of the printer you want to buy. If you already know what is more dominant, then choose according to what your dominant needs are. For example, if you print documents more often, then you can choose a printer that has a printing function; apart from being cheaper, you can also get maximum benefits with its main function.

If you don’t know what your main priorities are in using a printer, then the safest thing is to choose a multifunction printer. This type of printer can be a cost-effective choice for operational activities because it can print and documents copy as well as send faxes.

4. Type of cartridge used

Every printer definitely has a different model of ink container (cartridge). There are three types of cartridges, namely integrated split-toner.

Check out the explanation of the three below.

a. Integrated-type

This type of cartridge consists of two pieces that are used as containers for one to four colors. Because it is integrated in two places, the cartridge case cannot be used when one of the inks runs out. Even if you use another method by transferring the ink to a container that has run out, this can cause the cartridge to be damaged.

b. Split Type

This type of cartridge consists of several ink containers for each color of ink, by type of cartridge.

Basically, each printer has its advantages and disadvantages, of course. You can consider that again. Apart from the type of cartridge, you can pay attention to the costs needed to replace the cartridge when the ink inside it runs out.

5. Printer ink based on what you want to print

Apart from the type of single or multifunction printer and the cartridge, for maximum results, you can also ensure that the ink you will use is appropriate for what you want to print. Currently, there are three types of ink that you can customize to suit your needs. There are color ink, pigment ink, and hybrid ink.

Colored ink takes a long time to dry and fades easily if it comes into contact with water. Meanwhile, pigment ink will be optimally used for printing documents and will not penetrate because it has larger particles.

However, pigment inks are not suitable for printing photos and drawings. If you don’t always print documents, then you can choose hybrid ink; this ink can produce maximum results in printing documents and also photos or drawings. Even so, the price paid for this ink is clearly more expensive than normal ink.


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